RoboMark C1 – A robotic mark solution that works

Robotic Marks at their best

The RoboMark C1 system is the solution for your next regatta. Designed, developed, and built by Swiss engineers, sailors, and craftsmen, it’s guaranteed to get you more races on your regatta scoreboard. A robotic mark system, that runs on a closed network and is controlled by smartphone or tablet.

Welcome to the future of setting race courses.

What you’ve been looking for

Robotic Marks that answer all of your needs. More races, more regattas, more sailing, fewer headaches.

You will love RoboMark

Experience the C1 first hand and experience the future.

RoboMark C1

Say hello to RoboMark C1 and goodbye to anchors

Innovation on the water

You want to get more races on the water, and we want to help. No more waiting around while the race committee is resetting the course in difficult conditions. Just a simple tap on a smartphone or tablet and the marks will set and hold a new position.

The RoboMark Application

The RoboMark C1s connect to their very own network and you control them with the custom application. The app has been designed with the race committee’s needs in mind with multiple predefined courses and useful features such as battery status, wind readings (optional wind measurement gear needed), or remaining time until the marks are in their new position.

RoboMark with App

Designed by Swiss Engineers

Stop messing around with meters of rope and tackle

Going from anchors to RoboMark

RoboMark will save you time on and off the water.

What people are saying

” Fast Positioning = Saving Time = More Racing “
Bruno Zeltner, Regatta Club Oberhofen - Switzerland


What regulations apply to Robotic Marks?2021-02-16T13:47:51+00:00

Every location has their own specific regulations for these “remote-controlled vessels.” Please confer with your relevant local authorities.

In Switzerland, they are considered simple, remote-controlled vessels, and the operator must have a concrete visual on everyone while they are under power. Because they are under 2.5 meters in length, they do not require a cantonal registration.


What happens if the RoboMark gets dragged by a competitor?2021-02-16T13:48:48+00:00

Once the RoboMark is “set free,” it will hurry back to its designated position. This is definitely well worth mentioning in your competitors’ briefing.

What happens if I lose the connection with one of my RoboMarks buoys?2021-02-16T13:50:48+00:00

Once the RoboMark C1 is in place, it will stay there, even if the RoboMark application’s connection is severed.

The RoboMark C1 features the “Anchor-Button” that allows you to engage and disengage the anchor mode. Even in the unlikely case of not connecting to the network, you can still position and re-position the RoboMark C1 manually. Just push the button, and it will hold the position.

How precise are the RoboMarks?2021-02-16T13:52:45+00:00

RoboMarks C1 is the most precise robotic mark out there. We use high-end electronic sensors and advanced algorithms that update lateral acceleration 400 times per second and compute the necessary motor inputs 50 times per second. With RoboMark C1 technology, you won’t see any unexpected lay line changes due to sudden mark movements.

How much wind can the RoboMark C1 handle?2021-02-16T13:54:58+00:00

No need to worry about this. If you can race, the mark will do its job, with no complaining.

How long will the batteries last?2021-02-16T13:58:27+00:00

The buoys will stay on location with moderate conditions (small seas, 15 knots) for about 12 hours.

How fast is a RoboMark C1?2021-02-16T14:04:43+00:00

Self-Propelled: RoboMark C1 can travel at just over 3 knots.

Towing: RoboMark C1, with the motors tilted up, can be easily towed at high speeds for more considerable distances.

*Coming soon: new propellers will allow for the self-propelled RoboMark C1’s to travel at up to 4 knots.

How fast can I tow the RoboMark C1?2021-02-16T14:08:05+00:00

Towing capability is one of the best features of the C1. Due to their design, you can tow them fast and economically. You can safely tow thee RoboMark C1’s with a 60hp RIB on a full plane.

Do you have a smaller version of the RoboMark C1?2021-02-16T14:15:47+00:00

We already have a few new, smaller designs on the drawing board but are currently focusing on the launch of the RoboMark C1. Sign up for our newsletter, so you will be one of the first to know when new designs are coming.

Do I have to retrieve the RoboMark from the water every day?2020-12-17T15:28:25+00:00

Although its super easy to launch and retrieve the RoboMark C1, you can easily leave it in the water for a few days. Just tie it up to a buoy or next to your RC vessel. The design allows you to easily remove the battery for over night charging if necessary.

Any cool options I should consider?2022-05-30T07:54:37+00:00

Yes, we have a few.

Or some high-intensity LED strobe lights to increase visibility? This option is great for racing venues with limited visibility or night racing.

Or a rugged cover for outdoor storage. This cover allows you to easily protect the RoboMark if you are planning on storing it outside. Deflate the buoy structure (not the hulls), pull the cover over, and tighten the strap, done.

Or sponsor-branded skirts to put over the buoy structure. We understand that this is a premium sponsorship area, and we can arrange for custom-fit skirts to showcase your sponsor and other entities or just your club logo.

Need anything else? Contact us.


Schenk-bootbau - builder of middle haul of RoboMark
help with bending the tubes for RoboMark

h.u. Beer GmbHrse

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Get ready to see RoboMark C1s on a body of water near you.

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